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Temporary vs. Permanent Disability: Knowing Your Rights and Benefits in Florida

Understanding the differences between temporary and permanent disability benefits in Florida is crucial for any worker dealing with a workplace injury. This blog outlines these types of disabilities and your entitlements under Florida's workers' compensation laws.

Temporary vs. Permanent Disability

  • Temporary Disability: Provides benefits when you are temporarily unable to work due to an injury. These benefits are divided into Temporary Total Disability (TTD) and Temporary Partial Disability (TPD), depending on your ability to work.
  • Permanent Disability: If your injury leads to long-lasting or permanent limitations, you may be eligible for Permanent Total Disability (PTD) or receive a settlement for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) based on the severity and specific body parts affected.
  1. Duration and Amount: Temporary benefits are typically capped in duration and amount, whereas permanent disability benefits may continue indefinitely under certain conditions.
  2. Medical Evaluations: Regular assessments by medical professionals are crucial to determine the transition from temporary to permanent disability status.
  3. Legal Considerations: Understanding the intricacies of these claims and ensuring proper documentation and representation can affect the outcome of your benefits.

Orlando R. Murillo, P.A.: Protecting Your Rights

Navigating the complexities of disability benefits can be challenging without experienced legal guidance. Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. specializes in Florida workers' compensation law, providing robust support and advocacy to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Whether you're facing a temporary setback or adjusting to a permanent change, our team is here to help.


Knowing the differences between temporary and permanent disability is essential for securing your rights under Florida's workers' compensation laws. If you need help understanding your benefits or pursuing a claim, Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. is here to assist.

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