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How To Make a Workers Compensation Claim After a Workplace Injury In Miami Florida

Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. is a worker’s compensation attorney in Miami, Florida who assists those who have been injured on the job. If you have been hurt at work, you may be entitled to make a workers' compensation claim to receive money to pay for your medical bills, rehabilitation, work retraining, and even travel to your doctor’s appointments. If you have missed days from work or have become disabled as a result of your workplace accident, Workers' Compensation may also reimburse you for part of your lost wages. According to the Florida Division of Worker’s Compensation, Florida workers are entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses, 66 and two-thirds of their wages for missed days from work for a temporary disability, and families may be entitled to death benefits if a loved one passed away due to a workplace injury. If you have been permanently disabled in a workplace injury, workers' compensation may be able to cover part of your losses.

In order to receive these benefits, you may need to report your injury to your employer in a timely manner and provide documentation when requested. Workers are required to report their workplace injury within thirty days of any accident taking place. It is important to report your accident as soon as possible because failure to do so can result in a denied claim. It might be a good idea to report the injury in writing or e-mail your employer. When making your report, you may want to furnish doctor’s reports or any other documentation you might have about your injury. Once you have reported the injury, your employer generally has seven days to make a workers' compensation claim.

In many cases, workers report their injuries and their employers make a claim. The claims are paid, and life goes on. However, sometimes employers might deny that workers have the right to make a workers' compensation claim, or employers might fail to make a claim, or in some cases, workers' compensation insurance denies a claim. If your employer hasn’t made a claim, you may have the right to make one yourself with workers' compensation insurance. If you are having difficulty with a Worker’s Compensation claim in Miami, Florida, consider reaching out to Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. a workers' compensation lawyer today.

Common Worker’s Compensation Claim Issues

There are several issues that can arise with a Worker’s Compensation claim, and this list is not meant to be thorough. Sometimes, a combination of factors leads to a denied or delayed claim. Here are some common issues:

  • The worker failed to report the injury to the employer. It is often wise to follow up any verbal report with a written letter explaining that you have been injured.
  • The employer denies that the worker is covered under Worker’s Compensation. Sometimes employers might say a worker is an independent contractor and isn’t covered. Or an employer may claim that the worker falls under the exceptions for coverage. If you are not sure if this is correct, consider speaking to Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. today. Our Worker’s Compensation lawyers in Miami, Florida can review your work situation, determine whether you are being misclassified, and fight to get you the coverage you may deserve under the law.
  • There is a disagreement about scope of injury or severity of disability. Sometimes insurance companies claim that your injury stems from a prior condition. In other cases, Worker’s Compensation insurance may say you can return to work before you may be physically ready. If you disagree with the determinations made, you have the right to appeal. While you do not need a lawyer to appeal a Worker’s Compensation claim denial, Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. is a Worker’s Compensation lawyer in Miami, Florida who may be able to assist you with the claims and appeals process.

These are just some of the reasons why claims get delayed or denied. If you have questions about your Worker’s Compensation claim or want to appeal a denial, it can sometimes be helpful to have a Worker’s Compensation lawyer on your side. Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. is a Worker’s Compensation attorney in Miami who may be able to help you.

Protecting Worker’s Rights in Miami, Florida

Worker’s Compensation insurance is an important part of worker protections. If you are being denied coverage or if your claim has been denied, you may have the right to appeal. Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. is a Worker’s Compensation lawyer in Miami, Florida who fights hard to protect workers who have been injured on the job. You may only have a limited amount of time to report your workplace injury, appeal a denied claim, and make a claim. Contact our attorney today to learn more.